Mariel: Millennial Stereotype OR Magnanimous Soul?

The last episode of Season 1 is Mariel: Millennial Stereotype OR Magnanimous Soul? In this interview we talk about the cultural, familial + personal narratives that have shaped Mariel's story, including: her obligations to an emotionally absent father with Alzheimer's; her important, other-oriented work by day + passion for food by night; and, her rage against the stereotype that characterizes her generation as lazy, selfish + entitled.

The multi-part Pinch of Yum series Mariel mentions starts here. It's worth exploring the relevant ~250 #feedingabrokenheart posts as well.

Theme music is provided by the always awesome Scratch Track. Band member DJ Lee has released an inspiring new single ("Let's All Come Together") that you can check out here.

The show is produced by Derrick Clements. Please check out his incredible new podcast Mosaic.

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